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November/ December 2005
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02 December 2005 | Computational Biology:
In an effort to advance scientific understanding of biological systems and accelerate drug discovery and development through interdisciplinary collaboration, SRI International, an independent nonprofit research and development organisation, has formed a Centre of Excellence in Computational Biology.
02 December 2005 | In-vitro Diagnostics:
Cepheid, a provider of fully integrated systems that enable genetic assessment when and where it is needed, has announced that it has taken an additional license to the Scorpions technology for use in the human in-vitro diagnostics market from DxS Ltd., a private U.K. based company focused on personalised medicine.
23 November 2005 | Drug Discovery Informatics:
Tripos, a provider of drug discovery chemistry and informatics products and services, today reported that its file enrichment collaboration with Pfizer will conclude in December 2005.
22 November 2005 | eHealth:
Iatrogen, LLC, a provider of bioinformatics products and services that enable consumers to use medicines more safely, have unveiled that it has been awarded a 2005 eHealthcare Leadership Platinum Award for Best Interactive Site in the category of consumer healthcare product sales.
22 November 2005 | Healthcare Technology:
GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company, and Saneron, a biotechnology research and development (R&D;) company, have announced an R&D; agreement to optimise GE Healthcare's Ficoll-Paque for the isolation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood.
18 November 2005 | eHealth:
IBM and i3 ARCHIVE, have announced that i3 has put the power of managing healthcare and fighting breast cancer into the hands of women around the country by launching MyNDMA, a personal health management portal linked directly to i3's National Digital Medical Archive (NDMA), the world's largest archive of digital mammography images and related data.
16 November 2005 | Life Science Technology:
Applied Biosystems Group, an Applera Corporation business, together with its joint venture partner MDS Sciex, a division of MDS have announced the launch of Tempo Liquid Chromatography (LC) systems, providing integrated front-end solutions for researchers performing LC/MS and LC MALDI-based experiments.
15 November 2005 | Data Management:
GenoLogics Life Sciences Software (GenoLogics) has reported that the University of Pittsburgh Genomics and Proteomics Core Laboratories (GPCL) have selected ProteusLIMS for their laboratory information and scientific data management system.
14 November 2005 | Databases:
GeneGo, a provider of software and databases for systems biology, has announced that Velcura Therapeutics has licensed MetaCore, GeneGo�s manually curated pathways database and data mining suite.
14 November 2005 | Healthcare IT:
The NHS Connecting for Health has announced the successful completion of the first live electronic transfer of a patient�s medical record from one GP surgery to another.
08 November 2005 | Supercomputing:
The High Performance Computing Company, Cray, has announced that its XD1 supercomputer is now available bundled with Smith-Waterman bioinformatics software, an algorithm for comparing gene and protein sequences.
08 November 2005 | Industry:
DataLabs, a developer of Web-based software applications for clinical development, has announced that it has acquired Broadpeak LLC, an eClinical collaboration software company that provides applications to the biopharmaceutical and CRO industries to improve the workflow and communication processes in managing clinical trials.
04 November 2005 | Microarrays:
Affymetrix and PathWork Informatics, a developer of proprietary systems for high-throughput discovery of genomic diagnostics, have entered an agreement for PathWork to have long-term non-exclusive access to Affymetrix� microarray technology to develop and market in-vitro diagnostic tests for cancer.
18 October 2005 | Computed Tomography:
Siemens Medical Solutions has unveiled that it has recently installed the first Somatom Emotion 16 computed tomography (CT) systems, a new 16-slice-CT.
11 October 2005 | Genomics:
GeneGo, a provider of software and databases for systems biology, has reported that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have licensed MetaCore for "OMIC�s" research and reviewing of genomics data.
11 October 2005 | Microarrays:
CapitalBio Corporation, a life science company based in Beijing, P.R. China, and Affymetrix have unveiled plans to launch an initiative to support and promote rice functional genomic research in China.
11 October 2005 | Microarrays:
Sigma-Aldrich, a Life Science and High Technology company, has reported the launch of Panorama Human Cancer Version 1 Protein Functional Microarray.
07 October 2005 | Microarrays:
Rosetta Biosoftware and Agendia have announced that the two organisations will work together to deliver diagnostics tools that will be made available in the Rosetta Resolver system for gene expression data analysis.
07 October 2005 | Healthcare:
Sun Microsystems has announced that StorageTek, a wholly owned subsidiary, has been honoured by Frost & Sullivan with the 2005 Market Penetration Leadership award for successful, sustained penetration into the European healthcare market.
06 October 2005 | Industry:
Genaissance Pharmaceuticals has reported that it has entered into an agreement with Sankyo, one of Japan�s largest pharmaceutical companies, under which the companies will apply Genaissance�s HAP Technology in conjunction with the focused therapeutic areas of Sankyo.
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