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November/ December 2005
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Analysis & Opinions
02 December 2005 | Bioinformatics:
After the successful sequencing of the genomes of human, mice, chickens and others, scientists are now pondering which species to sequence next. In a paper published today in PLoS Genetics, Fabio Pardi and Nick Goldman of the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute present a way to decide.
18 October 2005 | Diagnostics Technology:
According to a report from the global consultancy company Frost & Sullivan, molecular diagnostics has been recognised as one of the fastest growing markets in the European in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry.
05 October 2005 | Java/ Web Technology:
Sun Microsystems and Google earlier this month announced an agreement to promote and distribute their software technologies reaching millions of users around the world.
27 September 2005 | Mobile Computing:
Palm and Microsoft announced late last month a long awaited strategic alliance, as Palm licensed Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system for an expanded line of its Treo smartphones.
10 June 2005 | Pharmacogenomics:
The prospect of one day having medicine created to match our individual ailment is one development which I believe most of us look forward to. The emergent field termed, �pharmacogenomics�, is the study of how an individual's genetic inheritance affects the body's response to drugs.
26 May 2005 | Bioinformatics:
A soon-to-be-released report from Business Communications Company (BCC), estimates that the global bioinformatics market is set to grow at an AAGR (average annual growth rate) of 15.8% to reach nearly $3 billion by 2010.
28 April 2005 | Industry:
During a press conference held at the French Ministry of Research on Tuesday, 26 April, Microsoft Corp. and INRIA, the French research institute, announced that they will create a new joint laboratory in the Paris region, to be called the Microsoft-INRIA Institute for Computational Science.
06 April 2005 | Genomics/Proteomics:
According to a report published yesterday by Frost & Sullivan, Europe is showing a good deal of success in the field of advanced genomics and proteomics research, although still behind the United States.
11 March 2005 | Genomics:
Solexa has reported the completion of its first genome sequence. The small genome, Phi-X 174 which was first completed in 1978 by Fred Sanger and co-workers, was re-sequenced using the company�s novel Cluster-SBS technology, which was acquired by the company in early 2004 and has been significantly refined and developed since that time.
15 February 2005 | Healthcare IT:
In the forth survey carried out by Medix-UK on the NHS National Programme for Information Technology (NPfIT), results have shown that the support for the programme is rapidly fading and this is particularly so for GPs.
31 January 2005 | Open Source:
Following in the path of IBM in the patent commons, Sun has granted the global open source community access to more than 1,600 patents, the single largest grant in intellectual property history.
20 January 2005 | Open Source:
After years of standing its grounds in the commercialised software market, the world largest patent holder, IBM, has finally conceded, allowing 500 of its 40,000 patents to be accessed by open-source developers. The pledge which opens access to key IBM innovations, is applicable to any individual, community, or company working on or using software that meets the Open Source Initiative (OSI) definition of open source software now or in the future.
09 December 2004 | Genomics:
An international consortium of over 170 people from 49 different institutes around the world has completed assembly and analysis of the draft sequence of the wild chicken, Gallus gallus.
10 November 2004 | Healthcare IT:
The National Health Service (NHS) and Microsoft have entered into a three-year software licensing deal which will provide the NHS an initial cost saving of up to �112m, reported the Department of Health (DoH).
02 November 2004 | Research/Analysis Technology:
The concept of shrinking a complete conventional laboratory to the size of square centimetre is a phenomena which is rapidly becoming a hot research topic in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life science arena.
24 September 2004 | eHealth:
With continuing advances in information technology, the applications of computing in the medical arena is changing the way in which medical information is being delivered. The Internet has become a powerful and invaluable resource, providing doctors and other healthcare providers with a convenient way of sharing information and expertise rapidly and efficiently in urgent situations.
22 September 2004 | Genomics:
In years to come the decoding of the human genome, announced back in 2001, will surely be remembered as a landmark achievement in scientific enquiry.
14 September 2004 | Internet Security:
After decades of scientists looking to computers and information technology (IT) to help them solve their research problems, it looks like the tables have turned and the scientific community is now helping out the computer world in their fight against the ever increasing problem of spamming.
06 September 2004 | Microprocessors:
Moore's Law has proven to be quite accurate thus far, as over the last few decades we have witnessed significant reductions in the price of processors resulting in cheaper yet more powerful and compact computing systems. But how much further will this pattern of chip production go?
30 July 2004 | Genomics:
Francis Harry Compton Crick, co-discoverer of the DNA, has died on Wednesday 28 July 2004 at the age of 88 after a long battle with colon cancer.
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