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February 06 2006
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20 January 2006 | Diagnostics Technology:
The art of diagnostic imaging is set to undergo major improvements with the introduction of a highly sophisticated technique called fusion imaging that uses special software to combine both anatomical and functional images.
02 December 2005 | Bioinformatics:
After the successful sequencing of the genomes of human, mice, chickens and others, scientists are now pondering which species to sequence next. In a paper published today in PLoS Genetics, Fabio Pardi and Nick Goldman of the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute present a way to decide.
18 October 2005 | Diagnostics Technology:
According to a report from the global consultancy company Frost & Sullivan, molecular diagnostics has been recognised as one of the fastest growing markets in the European in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry.
23 October 2005 | Network Computing:
Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could enter some data or write a report in your PC that is located in your office, or even at home, while you are working in a laboratory without actually leaving your workbench?
18 October 2005 | Bioinformatics/ Microarrays:
Microarrays are used to generate large datasets containing valuable information about many aspects of biology and medicine. For instance, they can be used to find which genes are under- or over-expressed in a diseased tissue versus its healthy counterpart, or to analyse networks of gene expression to gain insight into biological systems.
22 June 2004 | Linux:
With the announcement of its Linux strategy in spring 2003, Novell has committed to becoming a leader in the commercial Linux space by acquiring two of the leading Linux companies in 2003, SUSE Linux and XimianÆ, and has pushed forward the development of its networking services for both Linux and NetWareÆ. As the first commercial release from Novell, SUSE Linux 9.1 is certainly a great step towards Linux maturity. It is quite evident that Novell has invested a great deal of its resources into the development of SUSE Linux 9.1, and the developers from SUSE have certainly delivered.
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